Craft Fair Payment

Please follow the instructions below for payment - Thank you!

The Francis Howell High School Bands thank you for your Craft Fair Application. Please enter payment below with Paypal.

If you have any questions at any time, please contact us via email at

The Francis Howell Band Boosters are a volunteer organization.  One-hundred percent of your fee will be used to support the students in the extra-curricular band programs at Francis Howell High School.

Please send payment as follows:

  • Single booth: $50 (or $60 after Nov 1)
  • Double booth: $100 (or $120 after Nov 1)
  • No tables $0; One table: $10; Two tables: $20
  • Electricity $5

Please total up the options you chose above, then enter your vendor name and clicking "Buy Now". 


Vendor Name